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Patterned Float Glass

High-quality Clear and Colored Pattern Glass(Rolled Glass) is made by patterned rollers which roll over glass plates during they are still hot and moldable.It provides not only the function of visual screen but also the aesthetic funtion of changing lights and shades.

The patterns include Nashiji,Mistlite,Woven,Diamond,Aqualite,Flora,Mayflower,Silver Square,Mistlite,Neon,Silver Square,Puzzle(Karatachi),Hishicross,Moru,Waterfall#2,Crystal,Chanshala,Waterfall,Kasumi, Ripple,Bamboo,Map,Goldfish,Moran,Algae,Neon,Fylfot,Silver Bead,and Wired glass, in more than 40 different patterns of clear and colored glass.

thickness(mm): 3, 3.2(solar glass), 4, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5(wired glass), 8

stock size(mm): 1220*1830, 1220*2134, 1220 *2440, 1500*2000, 1524*2134, 1524*2440, 1830*2134, 1830*2440, 2134*2440

patterned glass
patterned glass
patterned glass
patterned glass
patterned glass
patterned glass
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